• Tips for Solving Family Disagreements Over Burial and Cremation Decisions

    Emotions run high after the loss of a loved one, and sometimes, family disputes flare up while decisions are being made about burial and cremation. Sometimes, family members may disagree over whether a loved one would have preferred burial or cremation, or in other instances, they may agree on that central issue but fail to see eye to eye over the type of interment space or memorial. When these disputes occur, these tips will help you navigate the tension during an already difficult time.  

    Plan a Time to Talk 

    Disagreements can become angrier and more extreme than anyone had intended when family members allow arguments to escalate. Instead of having a blowup, when you realize you don’t agree on the final arrangements for a loved one, schedule a time to discuss the issues when everyone is calm and prepared. Recognize when discussions are not productive and stop them, instead of allowing them to escalate. Revisit the issue when everyone is calm.  

    Understand Who Should Make the Final Decision 

    In some cases, your loved one may have requested that a specific family member take charge of making final arrangements. California law states that the right to make the decision goes first to the person holding the Health Care Power of Attorney, then to the surviving spouse, and then to the children. Recognize whose right it is to have the final say and respect their position. It will alleviate some of the pressure on everyone, so you can all focus on your grief and supporting each other.  

    Consider Preventing Future Disputes 

    Family disagreements are difficult to cope with at the best of times, and after the death of a loved one, they are even more painful. A good way to keep some of these disputes from arising is to pre-plan funeral and cemetery services, so that there are no lingering questions about final wishes.  

    Inglewood Park Cemetery can assist with pre-planning cemetery services and help to walk families through all of their options after a loved one passes away. Contact our cemetery in the Los Angeles area for more information about gravestones, cremation, and interment spaces.

  • Celebrating Life at Inglewood Park Cemetery


    Saying goodbye to a loved one is often painful, but at Inglewood Park Cemetery, we believe in helping families celebrate life. The tranquil grounds of our cemetery and our memorial service spaces allow loved ones to come together and celebrate the life of the person who was lost.  

    Watch this video for an inside look at Inglewood Park Cemetery and the services we provide. We can help with everything from choosing interment spaces to planning a cemetery service.  

    Inglewood Park Cemetery offers cemetery and cremation services in the Los Angeles area, with a variety of options to suit every family’s needs. For more information, please call (310) 412-6500.

  • A Guide to Choosing a Memorial Tablet

    Nothing can truly fill the void left behind when a loved one dies. But during the years to come, you may find solace in visiting the cemetery. You can stroll along the grounds, visit the chapel, and pay your respects at your loved one’s burial site. Visiting your loved one’s final resting place gives you the time needed to reflect upon your memories and work toward inner peace. The grave marker provides a focal point for your reflections. Consider the following guidance when it’s time to choose the memorial tablet. 

    Consider the cemetery’s policies and requirements. 

    Before selecting a memorial tablet, you should always speak with a Memorial Counselor regarding the cemetery’s policies. Find out whether upright memorials are allowed, or whether only bronze or granite tablets are allowed in certain areas of the cemetery. There may also be a policy regarding the size of tablets allowed. Once you know what the policies are, you can work toward a final selection. 

    Choose a material for the memorial tablet. 

    Inglewood Park Cemetery allow two durable options: granite or bronze, and in some areas, bronze on a granite base. Our Memorial Counselors will be happy to show you our wide variety of designs and granite colors. We know you will be pleased with the many options available for memorializing your loved one. 

    Choose the appropriate inscriptions for the tablet. 

    Certain information should be on every gravestone. This includes your loved one’s full name. It’s also customary to inscribe the dates of birth and death on the marker. You may wish to add an endearment to the inscription, such as, “Beloved husband and father.” 

    You can simplify the process of choosing a tablet by speaking with the Memorial Counselors at Inglewood Park Cemetery. Our cemetery, serving the Los Angeles area, offers many beautiful memorial options, including bronze tablets, granite tablets, and bronze on granite tablets. Crypt plates and niche plates are also available in beautiful designs especially selected for each mausoleum. You can reach us at (310) 412-6500, or you can browse samples of our memorials on our website.

  • Comparing Burial and Cremation Services

    It’s never easy to say a final goodbye to a loved one, but you can honor cherished memories with a thoughtfully designed memorial service. Speak with a Memorial Counselor about your choices for interment. Both burial or entombment and cremation niches are respectful options for your loved one’s final resting place. 

    Interment Spaces for Burial and Cremation 

    Whether you choose burial or cremation for your loved one, there are many respectful choices available. Burial typically takes place in the ground. This traditional interment space requires an in-ground burial vault. The remains can also be entombed in a mausoleum crypt. If you choose cremation for your loved one, you will first need to decide whether to scatter the cremated remains or inter them. If you choose to scatter them, you may wish to do so within a memorial garden in the cemetery. Otherwise, you will choose an urn for the cremated remains. The urn will then be interred in a niche within a columbarium or an alcove. 

    Religious Considerations Regarding Burial and Cremation 

    For many families, religion is an important consideration when choosing between burial and cremation. Today, nearly all religions do support a family’s choice of cremation. Historically, Judaism forbade cremation, but the practice is considered acceptable today. The same applies to Christianity. Buddhists often prefer cremation. Islam is one of the few that instructs its adherents to choose burial over cremation.  

    Family Togetherness After Death  

    Burial and cremation both allow for family togetherness after death. If your family prefers burial, then you can purchase a clustered group of crypts within a designated space in the cemetery. It can provide comfort to the living to know that the remains will stay together for eternity. Family togetherness is also an option for those choosing cremation. You may choose to purchase a family estate with multiple niches for the cremated remains. 

    You’ll find beautiful interment spaces to honor your loved one at Inglewood Park Cemetery. Our cemetery in the Los Angeles area offers serene places for burial and for the interment of cremated remains. Call one of our Memorial Counselors at (310) 412-6500.

  • Inside the Gardens of Shakespeare at Inglewood Park Cemetery

    The Gardens of Shakespeare at Inglewood Park Cemetery is one of our newest developments. It’s an elegant, peaceful place in which to memorialize your loved one and inter his or her cremated remains. Watch the accompanying video to take a virtual tour of the interment spaces in our cemetery.

    You’ll see aerial and on-ground views of the beautiful gardens, trees, and water features in this well-designed space. It’s divided into small sections, each of which is designated with a quotation from William Shakespeare. The gardens in each section have plants that correspond with the accompanying quotation.

    Inglewood Park Cemetery is honored to hold the memories of cherished loved ones of families in the Los Angeles area. Our cemetery may be reached at (310) 412-6500 if you would like more information about the Gardens of Shakespeare.