Etiquette for Funeral and Cemetery Service

As in most places, a funeral or cemetery service in the Los Angeles area is for paying respects to the deceased and comforting those who have survived them. Thus, it is essential to practice proper etiquette and be respectful to everyone at the service. When you arrive at Inglewood Park Cemetery to memorialize a loved one, friend, or acquaintance, you should come with an understanding of how to appropriately present yourself and pay your respects.

Tips for Being Respectful
Being respectful is of the utmost importance at a funeral or cemetery service. Make sure you dress appropriately and in a subdued manner. You should also aim to arrive early so that you ensure your arrival does not disturb or interrupt the service. Decide ahead of time whether it is appropriate for your child to come with you. Below is a closer look at these etiquette tips.

  • Dress Appropriately – The way you dress can portray respect, but the wrong look can have the opposite effect. You don’t necessarily have to wear a black suit or black dress, but neutral, muted colors tend to be appropriate. Avoid wearing anything that might take attention away from the service itself.
  • Show Up Early – Arriving late to a funeral can be distracting, which is particularly disrespectful given the environment. Even if you plan to arrive on time, you should consider the obstacles you might run into; there could be traffic, you might have trouble finding parking, or you could fail to find your seat in time. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and arrive at the service early.
  • Consider Whether to Bring Your Child – A funeral or cemetery service can be important for a child, especially if he or she was close with the departed. Young children who may be unable to sit still and be quiet throughout the service, however, might interrupt the proceedings. If you think your child might be disruptive or fail to understand the service, he or she may be better off at home.

Comforting Your Loved Ones
Those who were closest with the deceased person may have a particularly difficult time with the service. With this in mind, it helps to do what you can to comfort them. It’s especially effective to offer specific services that you can provide in order to be of help instead of being general. It may also be helpful to send flowers or make a donation in the name of the deceased to show support to friends and family members.

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