Options for Cremation in Los Angeles

There is nothing wrong with a traditional funeral service and interment, but more and more people in Los Angeles are choosing cremation as an alternative. The professionals at Inglewood Park Cemetery are experienced and compassionate, and we are happy to help you during your time of need. We will ensure that you have the opportunity to carry out your loved one’s wishes.

Examining Your Options
There is no one right or wrong way to handle the death of someone you know and love. If you or your loved one choose cremation, you will still have options when it comes to memorialization. Whether you decide to keep the cremated remains in an urn or have them respectfully scattered, you can do what you think is best once the cremation process has been completed. Read below to examine your options for cremation.

  • Memorialization – Just because you choose cremation over interment does not mean you cannot organize a traditional memorial service. In fact, cremation allows you to customize the memorial in any way you see fit. Some families will still choose to bury remains following cremation, or they might have them memorialized in a mausoleum, a columbarium, or family plot.
  • Inurnment – People often keep cremated remains of their loved ones in urns. There are all kinds of different urns to choose from; some are simple, some are intricate and elaborate, and many are in between. At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we can help you choose the perfect urn for your loved one.
  • Scattering Cremated Remains – Cremated remains do not necessarily have to be confined to an urn. Many people, following the wishes of a family member, elect to scatter the cremated remains in a location that was important to the departed. Others decide to scatter some of the remains and keep the rest in an urn. When scattering cremated remains, be sure to check local ordinances to verify that you are spreading remains legally. Some areas, such as state or city parks, may have restrictions that will prevent you from scattering on the property. Likewise, scattering at sea has distance restrictions.

Cremation and Acceptance
Although it has not always been the most popular choice, cremation is gradually becoming a more common option for handling remains. No matter what religion you practice, you will not have to worry about cremation being unacceptable. This option can also be more economical, practical, and personally meaningful than traditional interment.

For more information regarding your options for cremation in the Los Angeles area, please do not hesitate to call Inglewood Park Cemetery at (310) 412-6500. With more than one hundred years of experience, we are proud to help you memorialize your loved one in the way that best suits your family’s needs.