• What to Expect at a Cremation Ceremony

    There are a number of different ways a cremation ceremony can be held. In some cases, the ceremony takes place before the cremation services are performed, and in other instances, it is performed afterward. The ceremony may be held in any one of several different locations, including at the cemetery in which the cremated remains will be interred. If you attend a cremation ceremony, here is a look at what you can expect.

    Pre-Ceremony Gathering

    Before the ceremony, there is usually a time for family and friends to gather and offer condolences and support to each other. Often, photos of the deceased or other memorial items are displayed at this time. Depending on the sequence of events, an urn with the cremated remains may also be on display. The gathering may take place in a chapel, at someone’s home, or in a gathering space at the cemetery where the cremated remains will be kept. This time provides a chance to talk to the deceased’s loved ones and offer your sympathies.

    Interment Service

    If the cremated remains will be placed in a niche or crypt, or if they will be interred in a grave, there may be a ceremony at the interment site. This service may be religious or secular in nature, depending on the preferences of the family. It can be helpful to find out what kind of service to expect in advance, in case there are prayers or customs you wish to familiarize yourself with in advance.

    Post-Ceremony Reception

    Families often choose to have a post-ceremony reception to give loved ones more time together. As with funeral receptions, gatherings after cremation services usually involve a meal and can be held at a home or restaurant. Inglewood Park Cemetery has two locations available to families who wish to hold a repast after the service without leaving the cemetery. Speak to your memorial counselor about using one of our spaces for your gathering.

    Inglewood Park Cemetery offers multiple options for the storage of cremated remains, as well as onsite chapels for cremation memorial services in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about cremation and cemetery services, call (310) 412-6500.

  • Answers to Common Questions about Pre-Planning Services

    Interment and memorialization pre-planning allows individuals to direct their own final arrangements. It can give you peace of mind to know that your wishes will be carried out after your death and that your surviving loved ones won’t have to make these difficult decisions. A memorial counselor can guide you through the pre-planning process.

    Do pre-need arrangements only cover burials?

    No, you can make any pre-need arrangements you wish. Your final arrangements can include your preferences for any of the following:

    • Burial.
    • Cremation.
    • Gravestone or marker.
    • Interment rights in an interment space.

    Other functions and services associated with making your final arrangements must be made through a Mortuary/Funeral Home, and possibly a Church, but you can still express your preferences for these items and ceremonies so that your surviving loved ones can carry out your wishes.

    What are my interment options?

    Your specific options will depend on the cemetery you choose. In general, you can choose from in-ground burials, mausoleum crypts, and cremation niches. You may also choose to have a family estate. A family estate secures space for the remains of loved ones, allowing your family to stay close even after death.

    Do I need to purchase a concrete vault?

    If you purchase a lawn crypt, a concrete vault will already be in place, so there is no need to purchase this separately. People who choose in-ground burial do need to purchase a concrete vault. The vault’s purpose is to protect the casket or urn from degradation from the natural elements of the ground.

    What is endowment care?

    California requires every cemetery to charge a fee for cemetery maintenance. The endowment care deposit is collected from every individual who purchases interment rights in a cemetery and deposited into a designated fund reviewed by the State annually. The interest earned on the funds is used to maintain the grounds.

    The memorial counselors at Inglewood Park Cemetery can answer all of your questions about our pre-planning services available in the Los Angeles area. You can contact us at (310) 412-6500. You’ll also find more information about our cemetery and our services on our website.

  • Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Cremation and Burial

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    Death is a natural part of life, but it can still be a stressful and overwhelming event when someone you care about dies. Pre-planning can ease some of the burden on your loved ones when you pass on, as all of your wishes will have been made clear beforehand. You can indicate the cemetery where you would like to be memorialized in , and decide whether you want cremation or burial. Read on to learn about a few of the factors you should consider when you are deciding between cremation and burial.

    Religious Beliefs
    There are some religions and cultures that specify whether their followers should be buried or cremated. If you are a religious person, you may already have an idea of what your final wishes are in relation to your beliefs. Some religions allow either cremation or burial, so personal preference may be more of a factor for your decision. Cremation can sometimes be seen as a sign of reverence for the departed.

    Environmental Concerns
    The use of land is a concern for some people who are deciding whether to choose cremation or burial. Full-sized burial plots take up more land space than cremation graves, as a casket is significantly larger than a burial urn. If you have a family plot where your relatives are resting, find out if your remains can be cremated to be laid to rest there. This will save space for future generations as well as take less of a toll on the surrounding land.

    Economical Factors
    Pre-planning your burial arrangements often means that you will be paying up front for your end-of-life services. Many people end up choosing cremation because it tends to be a more economical choice.

    Inglewood Park Cemetery has been serving the Los Angeles area with dignity and integrity for over 100 years. Contact us at (310) 412-6500 to learn about the memorialization and interment space options we offer for both burials and cremations. We are proud to offer comfort to families in their time of need.

  • Funeral Planning: Talking to Your Family About Your Cremation Wishes

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    If you feel strongly about cremation after you pass, then it is important to bring this up with your family sooner rather than later. Your family will probably want to honor your wishes, but they can only do this if they know how you feel.

    Determine the Right Time
    It may feel like there is never a right time to bring up your funeral and cremation wishes. However, the discussion is important, and there are times when it is appropriate to talk about cremation. You can try a couple different approaches, depending on how you and your family speak with each other. If they value the direct approach, or they tend to speak frankly about subjects, then just bring up the subject when you are ready. Other families may appreciate a more roundabout way of arriving to the subject cremation services and funeral planning. You can ask open-ended questions that stimulate a conversation about funeral pre-planning and memorial services; this will be the opportunity for you to voice your wishes. You might plant seeds in advance, rather than waiting until you are ill or injured. “You know, I’ve been thinking about being cremated when my time comes. How do you feel about that?” Add a little humor, if you want to lighten up the discussion. Give your reasons for choosing cremation over other options.

    Prepare for an Emotional Response
    Many people become very emotional when talking about their own death or the death of their loved ones. They may become angry, sad, bitter, or depressed. This is a normal reaction. Be prepared for a range of strong emotions during this conversation. Be gentle and patient with them. Listen to and understand any objections. Rather than argue, you might postpone the discussion for another day, but remind them that you will bring it up again. Comfort your family and assure them you want to make the funeral planning process as easy on them as possible.

    Create a Funeral Plan
    It is best to include a funeral plan within your will or family trust so that your family will respect your cremation wishes. If you have any specific requests, such as a certain type of cemetery service or memorial epitaph, you would include it in this plan. Make sure the executor of your will or administrator of your trust understands your requests. California law gives to your agent under a power of attorney for health care the first priority for following your final wishes. Choose a person who understands your wishes and agrees to carry them out.

    Inglewood Park Cemetery has been assisting people in the Los Angeles area with their cremation arrangements for nearly 100 years. It is our continued mission to make the process of cremation as simple and respectful as possible. If you or your family have any questions, please call our Memorial Counselors at (310) 412-6500.

  • Answering Questions About Cremation Options

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    Cremation has long been a respectful method of rendering the body of a decedent into its most basic components, yet this choice has grown even more popular in recent years. This is perhaps due in part to the greater recognition of the versatility of cremation. If you’re pre-planning your own funeral or making arrangements for a loved one who has passed, consider asking your Memorial Counselor about cremation options.

    Can I still inter the remains at the cemetery if I choose cremation?
    Yes, many people choose interment for the cremated remains, although you can certainly choose to keep the urn closer to you or to scatter the cremated remains if you wish (see State and local laws, or ask your Memorial Counselor about where and how this may be done). You can discuss the purchase of a crypt or niche in a mausoleum or columbarium. These designated places will hold the urn and provide a respectful gathering place for mourners, as well as a lasting place for visiting and honoring the deceased. Generally, family members have the option of choosing an indoor or outdoor place of interment.

    Which type of urn should I choose?
    This is a highly personal decision that you can make with the helpful guidance of your Memorial Counselor. An urn can be as simple or stylistic as you wish. Many urns can be engraved with the name of the decedent, the birth date, and the date of death. Urns are available in a variety of shapes, such as custom urns in the shape of a cherub. Urns are also available in various materials, although regulations may require that you choose an urn made of copper, bronze, ceramic, marble, or granite.

    What are my memorialization options?
    Your Memorial Counselor can explain your options for memorializing a loved one. Generally, cremation lends itself to customizable memorialization. Many families choose to memorialize the cremated remains of their loved ones by interring them in a garden niche, or by placing them in a columbarium. In addition to the memorial within the cemetery, your family might choose to plant a tree near the family home in memory of the decedent or make a charitable donation to an organization.

    Since 1905, Inglewood Park Cemetery has served families throughout Los Angeles with respectful cremation services. Visit us online if you wish to view a selection of our available cremation urns and cemetery memorials. Or, call (310) 412-6500 and one of our Memorial Counselors will be happy to answer any questions you might have.