Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Family Estate

Family estates give families the opportunity to have interment spaces in a defined area, allowing them to remain together after they are interred. These estates are a modern incarnation of the old family plot that used to be the standard way that families were interred. These estates help to preserve the history of the family and give surviving loved ones a central place to visit and stay connected to their history and each other. If you are considering purchasing a family estate, ask these questions when you visit the cemetery.  

How large is a family estate? 

Family estates vary in size, depending on the needs of the specific purchasers. Estates can have upright monuments, crypts, courts, and interment spaces, each of which gives different amounts of spaces suitable for burial or keeping cremated remains. Start by discussing your needs with the cemetery and giving them an idea of how many family members you would like to be included in your estate. They can help you make the appropriate choice.  

Do I have to pay the full cost of the estate up-front? 

The pricing structures for family estates vary dramatically, based on the size and type, and how payments are made is based on cemetery policy. At Inglewood Park Cemetery, most purchases require a 10% down payment within 30 days of agreeing to make a purchase, with other payments spread out on a monthly basis over a set period of time.  

What happens if a family member decides not to use the estate? 

If someone who was initially going to be included in your estate no longer wishes to use the spot, you can work with the cemetery to transfer or designate the interment rights for someone else in your family. Handle this process in writing to avoid any complications.  

Inglewood Park Cemetery is happy to answer any questions you have about family estates in the Los Angeles area, as well as the other interment options we have at our cemetery. Contact us today at (310) 4112-6500 for more information.

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