• A Look at the Benefits of Our Listing Program

    Pre-purchasing interment rights has many benefits for families, but in some cases, plans change and there is no longer any need for interment spaces that you have. As a result, you find yourself in the position of needing to sell your space in a cemetery. This often happens when someone either inherits rights or leaves the area and wants to change where he or she is interred. At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we offer a listing program to make this often complicated process easier.  

    Through our listing program, you can place your interment rights at Inglewood Park Cemetery for sell and reach interested buyers without having to pay for advertising or hire an attorney. Likewise, we can handle the paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about managing the documentation. Inglewood Park Cemetery connects sellers with interested buyers, who get access to inventory that isn’t available anywhere else.  

    Do you have an interment space you wish to sell, or are you looking for a space in Inglewood Park Cemetery? If so, contact us to learn more about our listing program. Call (310) 412-6500 for more information about our cemetery services in the Los Angeles area.

  • Talking to Your Family About Your Wish for Cremation

    Making sure that your family knows your final wishes isn’t just important for you. It also helps them have the peace of mind that they are honoring what you want instead of guessing and worrying that they’ve made the wrong choice. This is especially true if you want to be cremated and your family is not aware of this preference. If you plan to discuss cremation with your family, this advice will help you have a productive conversation.  

    Choose the Right Time for the Conversation 

    Many people don’t like discussing death with their families, and discussing your own death can be particularly challenging. Although you may hope that the conversation is short and positive, don’t try to force it to be by starting the conversation when you or your family members are in a rush. Pick a quiet time, when there are no other pressing obligations, so that there is not any additional stress. This will help everyone have a chance to ask questions and talk without pressure.  

    Be Direct and Firm 

    Sometimes, family members are surprised when someone announces that they want to be cremated. Sometimes, this surprise simply comes from the fact that people in your family have always chosen burial. In other instances, there may be a religious component to your family’s reaction. Although you should welcome a dialogue, be direct and firm in your decision, so your family understands that your decision is final.  

    Talking About What Happens After the Cremation 

    Letting your family know that you want to be cremated is one part of the conversation, but you should go further and discuss what your preferences are for your cremated remains. They may be kept in a mausoleum, columbarium, or other family estate in a cemetery of your choosing.  

    Inglewood Park Cemetery is here to help families make decisions about cremation, interment spaces, and cemetery memorials. Whether you are gathering information for yourself or need to make decisions for a recently decreased family member, call our cemetery in the Los Angeles area at (310) 412-6500.

  • What Kind of Information Belongs in an Obituary?

    When you write an obituary, there are many different ways you can present the information. However, there is some basic information that should be included in obituaries to help people know the person who was lost, the cemetery where they will be interred, and other important details.  

    Watch this video to learn more about writing an obituary. In addition to the name of the person who has passed and his or her surviving family members, information about funeral services, cemetery services, and where to send flowers or memorial donations will also be helpful.  

    At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we are dedicated to providing families with a serene, peaceful place to pay tribute to their lost loved ones. Find out more about our cemetery in the Los Angeles area by calling (310) 412-6500.

  • Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Family Estate

    Family estates give families the opportunity to have interment spaces in a defined area, allowing them to remain together after they are interred. These estates are a modern incarnation of the old family plot that used to be the standard way that families were interred. These estates help to preserve the history of the family and give surviving loved ones a central place to visit and stay connected to their history and each other. If you are considering purchasing a family estate, ask these questions when you visit the cemetery.  

    How large is a family estate? 

    Family estates vary in size, depending on the needs of the specific purchasers. Estates can have upright monuments, crypts, courts, and interment spaces, each of which gives different amounts of spaces suitable for burial or keeping cremated remains. Start by discussing your needs with the cemetery and giving them an idea of how many family members you would like to be included in your estate. They can help you make the appropriate choice.  

    Do I have to pay the full cost of the estate up-front? 

    The pricing structures for family estates vary dramatically, based on the size and type, and how payments are made is based on cemetery policy. At Inglewood Park Cemetery, most purchases require a 10% down payment within 30 days of agreeing to make a purchase, with other payments spread out on a monthly basis over a set period of time.  

    What happens if a family member decides not to use the estate? 

    If someone who was initially going to be included in your estate no longer wishes to use the spot, you can work with the cemetery to transfer or designate the interment rights for someone else in your family. Handle this process in writing to avoid any complications.  

    Inglewood Park Cemetery is happy to answer any questions you have about family estates in the Los Angeles area, as well as the other interment options we have at our cemetery. Contact us today at (310) 4112-6500 for more information.