What Do You Need for a Ground Burial?

An in-ground burial is a traditional interment space. You will need to purchase interment rights in a grave or lawn crypt, a burial vault, the opening and closing service, and a gravestone memorial. First, choose an interment location that speaks to your sense of aesthetics. You may want a location that’s close to a beautiful tree or overlooking a water feature, for example. If you have loved ones buried in the cemetery, then you may want a location as close to them as possible. 

Next, you’ll need a burial vault. The burial vault is a sealed outer burial container that completely encloses the casket you purchased at the funeral home/mortuary. The burial vault offers additional protection from soil settling. The opening and closing service is the process of opening the grave, lowering the vault into the grave and the casket into the vault, backfilling the grave, and replacing the sod. Lastly, you’ll need a gravestone memorial. This is a granite or bronze marker that identifies the burial location, and is engraved with the full name, dates of birth and death, and sometimes an endearment, such as “Beloved Father” or “Loving Daughter.” 

Begin your burial planning process at Inglewood Park Cemetery, which provides dignified and respectful cemetery services to the Los Angeles area. Call a Memorial Counselor at (310) 412-6500.

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