Tracing Your Genealogy at Inglewood Park Cemetery

Many families come to Inglewood Park Cemetery in hopes of tracing their genealogy using our records. We have extensive resources to help people locate gravestones and family monuments, as well as records with detailed information about the deceased.  

Using our cemetery records, you can locate important genealogical information, including full names and any AKAs used, date and place of death, date and location of interment, names and locations of any other relatives interred in the cemetery, and marker verification. Please keep in mind that we cannot provide any information about purchasers or surviving relatives for interments that took place less than 50 years prior to your inquiry.  

For more information about Inglewood Park Cemetery’s genealogy services, please call (310) 412-6500. In addition to genealogy research assistance, our cemetery in the Los Angeles area offers interment spaces, cremation, and family monuments.

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