3 Things to Consider When Pre-Planning Interment

Many people who pre-plan their interment discover that doing so offers peace of mind. They know that their loved ones won’t have to make the arrangements when the time comes, and they can rest easy knowing that the arrangements will proceed according to their specific wishes. You can visit the cemetery to discuss your choices with a Memorial Counselor. There are many decisions to be made. As you go through the planning process, consider the following factors  

Do you prefer burial or cremation? 

This is often the first main choice that people make when planning ahead for their eventual interment. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be able to have your remains respectfully interred at the cemetery. Note that cremated remains are typically interred in niches, whereas remains that are not cremated are typically given an in-ground burial. Above-ground burials are also available. When deciding between burial and cremation, you may wish to consider the following: 

  • Your personal preferences 
  • Your family’s expectations and traditions 
  • Your religious or spiritual beliefs 
  • The way in which your survivors will visit the interment space for reflection 

Do you prefer an in-ground burial or a mausoleum interment space? 

If you decide not to choose cremation, then the next decision to make is whether you prefer an in-ground or above ground burial. An in-ground burial is the traditional choice. You may prefer an interment space that overlooks a beautiful lawn or is located near a graceful water feature. Or, you may prefer the immaculately kept, clean interiors of a mausoleum. A mausoleum would offer your survivors a place to gather in quiet reflection. 

Do you wish to make arrangements for a family estate? 

A third consideration is whether you wish to make arrangements for a family estate. A family estate allows loved ones to remain close to each other even after death. When speaking with the Memorial Counselor about this option, you will need to consider how many interment spaces you’ll require. 

You can visit Inglewood Park Cemetery to begin pre-planning your interment arrangements. One of our compassionate Memorial Counselors will walk you through the process and explain our available cemetery services. Our cemetery, which serves the Los Angeles area, is available at (310) 412-6500.

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