A Guide to Choosing a Memorial Tablet

Nothing can truly fill the void left behind when a loved one dies. But during the years to come, you may find solace in visiting the cemetery. You can stroll along the grounds, visit the chapel, and pay your respects at your loved one’s burial site. Visiting your loved one’s final resting place gives you the time needed to reflect upon your memories and work toward inner peace. The grave marker provides a focal point for your reflections. Consider the following guidance when it’s time to choose the memorial tablet. 

Consider the cemetery’s policies and requirements. 

Before selecting a memorial tablet, you should always speak with a Memorial Counselor regarding the cemetery’s policies. Find out whether upright memorials are allowed, or whether only bronze or granite tablets are allowed in certain areas of the cemetery. There may also be a policy regarding the size of tablets allowed. Once you know what the policies are, you can work toward a final selection. 

Choose a material for the memorial tablet. 

Inglewood Park Cemetery allow two durable options: granite or bronze, and in some areas, bronze on a granite base. Our Memorial Counselors will be happy to show you our wide variety of designs and granite colors. We know you will be pleased with the many options available for memorializing your loved one. 

Choose the appropriate inscriptions for the tablet. 

Certain information should be on every gravestone. This includes your loved one’s full name. It’s also customary to inscribe the dates of birth and death on the marker. You may wish to add an endearment to the inscription, such as, “Beloved husband and father.” 

You can simplify the process of choosing a tablet by speaking with the Memorial Counselors at Inglewood Park Cemetery. Our cemetery, serving the Los Angeles area, offers many beautiful memorial options, including bronze tablets, granite tablets, and bronze on granite tablets. Crypt plates and niche plates are also available in beautiful designs especially selected for each mausoleum. You can reach us at (310) 412-6500, or you can browse samples of our memorials on our website.

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