Answers to Your Questions about Pre-Need Planning

Pre-need planning makes the process of paying for cemetery costs more manageable and alleviates the potential burden from your family. If you make the decision to plan ahead for your cemetery needs, you are likely to have many questions about the process. Here are the answers to some of the questions that come up most often regarding pre-need planning.   

What happens if my interment space is needed before it is paid off? 

Inglewood Park Cemetery offers Family Protection Plans that help to manage this risk. They are available at no additional cost to anyone under the age of 65 who signs a contract for any cemetery property. Separate plans are available for kids between six months and 18 years old. If you need to use your property before it is developed, a property of the same value will be provided at no additional costs.   

Is it possible to plan in advance for cremation? 

Pre-need planning is available for both burial and cremation. You can pre-arrange and pay for the cremation itself, plus a niche, urn, opening, closing, and chapel use in advance. A custom cremation package that includes all or some of those services can be designed to fit your needs. At the time of need, your loved ones only need to tell the funeral director that you have a cremation service package with our cemetery, and your plan will be followed.  

How much does pre-need planning cost? 

10% down is required for a pre-need plan. A small portion must be paid at the time of signing your contract, and the balance of the 10% should be paid within 30 days. After your down payment, you can make monthly payments for up to 84 months, depending on your needs. The actual cost of your plan will depend on the services you choose.  

Get the facts about pre-need planning in the Los Angeles area and find out how it can help your family by contacting Inglewood Park Cemetery today. To reach one of our cemetery representatives, call (310) 412-6500

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