Starting a Conversation About Final Wishes with Your Family

Although it may not be an easy conversation to start, talking to your family about your final wishes is one of the most important things you can do for them. By having the conversation, you give your family the peace of mind of knowing that they are honoring what you would have wanted when they choose burial or cremation, your interment space, and more. If you’re struggling to start this important conversation with your family, these tips will help.

Choose the Right Time

To start the conversation out on the right foot, be mindful of the time you select to have it. Don’t suddenly bring up the subject when you’re enjoying a special occasion together or when everyone is in a rush. Select a time when everyone is calm and relaxed and you have the time and the quiet surroundings in which to discuss the subject for as long as you need to

Be Clear About Your Wishes

Don’t leave any room for confusion or unanswered questions. Be direct about your wishes, stating exactly whether you want to be buried or cremated, ground burial or mausoleum entombment, and other factors that are important to you. If you have already pre-planned some of the arrangements, make sure your loved ones know where to find the information about any purchases and payments you have made.

Remember to Listen

It’s natural for your loved ones to have opinions about your decisions. Give them time to address any concerns and questions they may have. This is an important opportunity to discuss things that could affect everyone, such as the decision to purchase a family monument. Your loved ones may also be surprised about some of your choices. Be clear and firm in what you want, but give them a chance to learn the reasons for the choices you’ve made.

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