Visiting a Loved One’s Burial Site: Etiquette Basics to Know

Cemeteries are peaceful places where families and friends can go to pay their respects to their lost loved ones. Although cemeteries are designed to welcome visitors and give them a place to find solace, many people are actually intimidated by visiting a friend or family member’s resting place. These etiquette tips for visiting a cemetery will help you feel more confident about your trip.

Maintain a Respectful Volume

You don’t have to whisper when you’re at a cemetery, but you should be mindful of other people who are also visiting loved ones or cemetery services that may be going on during your visit. Give other people the space they need to pray or say goodbye by keeping your volume to a respectable level. Talk quietly with the people whom you have come with and share some of your favorite memories of your loved one, but keep the sound down so that other families can do the same.

Talk to Your Kids in Advance

Bringing your kids with you to a cemetery is a great opportunity for them to understand more about death and to learn to pay their respects to loved ones. It’s a good idea to prepare them in advance for what to expect, so that they know the cemetery is not a place for running around and playing. They should, however, feel comfortable and able to take part in honoring your lost loved one with you.

Avoid Ongoing Ceremonies

If a ceremony is going on at the cemetery, do your best to give them plenty of space. Don’t cut through their procession or do anything to draw attention away from their service, so that they are able to focus on their gathering.

Inglewood Park Cemetery offers a peaceful, serene environment in which family members and friends are always welcome to visit their loved ones and pay their respects. If you have questions about visiting our cemetery or our interment spaces in the Los Angeles area, please call (310) 412-6500.

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