Understanding Endowment Care

If you purchase an interment space in a cemetery, then one of the fees you will have to pay is endowment care. All cemeteries in the state of California are required to charge endowment care fees. The state also determines how much cemeteries must charge. Here is what you need to know about endowment care.

Endowment care payments go into an established Endowment Care Fund that is managed by the state of California. It is collected from every person who purchases a cemetery property, and it is then kept in an account that the cemetery uses for maintenance and upkeep. The cemetery is expected to use the interest from the accounts for these purposes.

At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we will help you understand all of the factors involved in the pricing of interment spaces as you make this important decision. To learn more about our cemetery or cremation services in the Los Angeles area, please call (310) 412-6500.

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