Tips for Selecting a Family Cemetery Plot

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If you like the idea of you and your loved ones sharing a final resting place, you may want to think about finding a family cemetery plot . Before you settle on a single location, however, there are some important things that you’ll want to consider. Here are some tips for picking out the right cemetery plot for a family:

Think about what type of headstones you want.
In many family cemetery plots, there is a single large memorial headstone and an individual marker for each member of the family that is interred there. In other cases, there will simply be individual headstones for each person. Before picking a site for your family plot, decide whether there will be enough room for the type of memorial markers you envision.

Consider what type of interment will be used.
Your family plot needs may differ depending on whether the deceased are to be buried or cremated. If one or more members of your family are cremated, there are a number of different interment options, including urn gardens. Talk to the staff at Inglewood Park Cemetery about the options that they have available for interring cremated remains.

Think about your loved ones’ wishes.
It’s a good idea to talk as a family about the prospect of a family plot before you commit to it. Different members of your family may have different wishes, and it’s important to hear everybody’s perspective before you decide. While this can be a sensitive issue to raise, it’s important to be able to speak openly and productively about it at an appropriate time.

If you are looking for further guidance in picking out a cemetery plot for your family in the greater Los Angeles area, it’s time to speak with the staff at Inglewood Park Cemetery . We offer a number of options for family plots, including areas that allow for upright granite monuments. If you have any questions, call (310) 412-6500 today.

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