Examining the Benefits of Pre-Planning for the Cost of Final Expenses

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Pre-planning one’s final arrangements isn’t something that most people are likely to think about, even as they reach their golden years. It’s easy to assume that this is a matter that can be left to your loved ones, to be taken care of at a later date. But making your own arrangements in advance actually has a number of significant advantages.

Pre-planning locks in the cost.
If there’s one thing that people who have lived a long life know all too well, it’s that prices tend to rise over time. A service that seems affordable today may seem formidably expensive to your children or grandchildren. When you plan and pay for your own services in advance, it means that you’ve locked in the price, removing that burden from your loved ones.

Pre-planning is helpful to your family.
One of the most difficult aspects of making arrangements at the time of need is that it takes place while family members are mourning the loss of the deceased. Planning ahead means that your family won’t have to work to organize a memorial ceremony and interment at a time that may be especially stressful and saddening for them. It can also reduce family quarrels related to who will be paying for services.

Pre-planning ahead ensures that your wishes will be carried out.
If you have a specific vision for how you want your remains to be interred, pre-planning is the best way to ensure that it happens exactly as you want it. Memorial services can be complex, and organizing these matters yourself will also be immensely helpful to your family.

At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we offer a variety of interment options, including cremation, for individuals and families. For more than a century, we have been providing the people of the greater Los Angeles community with a peaceful and beautiful cemetery grounds. If you would like to ask about our payment plans, call (310) 412-6500.

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