• Understanding Endowment Care

    If you purchase an interment space in a cemetery, then one of the fees you will have to pay is endowment care. All cemeteries in the state of California are required to charge endowment care fees. The state also determines how much cemeteries must charge. Here is what you need to know about endowment care.

    Endowment care payments go into an established Endowment Care Fund that is managed by the state of California. It is collected from every person who purchases a cemetery property, and it is then kept in an account that the cemetery uses for maintenance and upkeep. The cemetery is expected to use the interest from the accounts for these purposes.

    At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we will help you understand all of the factors involved in the pricing of interment spaces as you make this important decision. To learn more about our cemetery or cremation services in the Los Angeles area, please call (310) 412-6500.

  • Visiting a Loved One’s Burial Site: Etiquette Basics to Know

    Cemeteries are peaceful places where families and friends can go to pay their respects to their lost loved ones. Although cemeteries are designed to welcome visitors and give them a place to find solace, many people are actually intimidated by visiting a friend or family member’s resting place. These etiquette tips for visiting a cemetery will help you feel more confident about your trip.

    Maintain a Respectful Volume

    You don’t have to whisper when you’re at a cemetery, but you should be mindful of other people who are also visiting loved ones or cemetery services that may be going on during your visit. Give other people the space they need to pray or say goodbye by keeping your volume to a respectable level. Talk quietly with the people whom you have come with and share some of your favorite memories of your loved one, but keep the sound down so that other families can do the same.

    Talk to Your Kids in Advance

    Bringing your kids with you to a cemetery is a great opportunity for them to understand more about death and to learn to pay their respects to loved ones. It’s a good idea to prepare them in advance for what to expect, so that they know the cemetery is not a place for running around and playing. They should, however, feel comfortable and able to take part in honoring your lost loved one with you.

    Avoid Ongoing Ceremonies

    If a ceremony is going on at the cemetery, do your best to give them plenty of space. Don’t cut through their procession or do anything to draw attention away from their service, so that they are able to focus on their gathering.

    Inglewood Park Cemetery offers a peaceful, serene environment in which family members and friends are always welcome to visit their loved ones and pay their respects. If you have questions about visiting our cemetery or our interment spaces in the Los Angeles area, please call (310) 412-6500.

  • Exploring Our Fine Arts Sites

    When you visit Inglewood Park Cemetery in Southern California, your eye will almost certainly be drawn to some of the beautiful artworks that contribute to our lovely and tranquil setting. There is the Garden of Little Lambs, a charmingly innocent sculpture mounted in the central portico at Del Prado Mausoleum. The Golden West Mausoleum is home to dozens of artistically intricate and gorgeous stained-glass creations, illustrating subjects as diverse as ancient Roman legends, the early Spanish settlers, the California Missions, and the natural landscapes of California. Manchester Garden Mausoleum is the site of multiple abstract stained-glass paintings, bronze sculptures, and a reflecting pool. Pineview Garden features a respectful permanent tribute to the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. All of these extraordinary works help to make our cemetery the historic and unique place that it is.

    The staff at Inglewood Park Cemetery is here to help you with pre-planning all of your cremation and/or burial needs. If you are looking for a cemetery in the greater Los Angeles area, call us today at (310) 412-6500 to inquire about our services.

  • Tips for Selecting a Family Cemetery Plot

    Cemetery Inglewood

    If you like the idea of you and your loved ones sharing a final resting place, you may want to think about finding a family cemetery plot . Before you settle on a single location, however, there are some important things that you’ll want to consider. Here are some tips for picking out the right cemetery plot for a family:

    Think about what type of headstones you want.
    In many family cemetery plots, there is a single large memorial headstone and an individual marker for each member of the family that is interred there. In other cases, there will simply be individual headstones for each person. Before picking a site for your family plot, decide whether there will be enough room for the type of memorial markers you envision.

    Consider what type of interment will be used.
    Your family plot needs may differ depending on whether the deceased are to be buried or cremated. If one or more members of your family are cremated, there are a number of different interment options, including urn gardens. Talk to the staff at Inglewood Park Cemetery about the options that they have available for interring cremated remains.

    Think about your loved ones’ wishes.
    It’s a good idea to talk as a family about the prospect of a family plot before you commit to it. Different members of your family may have different wishes, and it’s important to hear everybody’s perspective before you decide. While this can be a sensitive issue to raise, it’s important to be able to speak openly and productively about it at an appropriate time.

    If you are looking for further guidance in picking out a cemetery plot for your family in the greater Los Angeles area, it’s time to speak with the staff at Inglewood Park Cemetery . We offer a number of options for family plots, including areas that allow for upright granite monuments. If you have any questions, call (310) 412-6500 today.

  • Examining the Benefits of Pre-Planning for the Cost of Final Expenses

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    Pre-planning one’s final arrangements isn’t something that most people are likely to think about, even as they reach their golden years. It’s easy to assume that this is a matter that can be left to your loved ones, to be taken care of at a later date. But making your own arrangements in advance actually has a number of significant advantages.

    Pre-planning locks in the cost.
    If there’s one thing that people who have lived a long life know all too well, it’s that prices tend to rise over time. A service that seems affordable today may seem formidably expensive to your children or grandchildren. When you plan and pay for your own services in advance, it means that you’ve locked in the price, removing that burden from your loved ones.

    Pre-planning is helpful to your family.
    One of the most difficult aspects of making arrangements at the time of need is that it takes place while family members are mourning the loss of the deceased. Planning ahead means that your family won’t have to work to organize a memorial ceremony and interment at a time that may be especially stressful and saddening for them. It can also reduce family quarrels related to who will be paying for services.

    Pre-planning ahead ensures that your wishes will be carried out.
    If you have a specific vision for how you want your remains to be interred, pre-planning is the best way to ensure that it happens exactly as you want it. Memorial services can be complex, and organizing these matters yourself will also be immensely helpful to your family.

    At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we offer a variety of interment options, including cremation, for individuals and families. For more than a century, we have been providing the people of the greater Los Angeles community with a peaceful and beautiful cemetery grounds. If you would like to ask about our payment plans, call (310) 412-6500.