How Siblings Can Avoid Disagreements When Planning a Funeral for a Parent

After the loss of a parent, it’s not uncommon for siblings to have disagreements when making funeral arrangements. Emotions are running high during this stressful time, so it’s easy for tensions to develop, or—if the relationship between siblings was already strained—for bad feelings to be exacerbated. As you encounter decisions such as choosing a gravestone or planning for burial cremation, being supportive of each other can make the process significantly easier. These strategies will help you avoid common disagreements during the funeral planning process.

Consult Your Parent’s Plan

In some cases, you may be able to avoid disagreements by consulting any funeral pre-planning documents your parent prepared. Your parent may have specified his or her final wishes about which cemetery to use or whether he or she wanted to be buried or cremated, so that you do not have to make those decisions on your own. If your parent did any pre-planning, follow his or her wishes so that you do not have to navigate these choices on your own.

Be Ready to Compromise

Without a plan from your parent, you and your siblings will have to plan the funeral together. Be prepared for people to have different ideas of what your parent would have wanted and what is appropriate. If there is something that is important to you, be ready to give in on something else that matters more to your sibling. Don’t shy away from having more than one service for your parent. You may wish to have a cemetery memorial service and a celebration of life at one of your parent’s favorite places. Doing multiple things allows all siblings to feel represented.

Find Common Ground

Siblings will need to rely on each other after losing a parent. Even if you have very different outlooks, focus on your shared memories and the common ground you have. Be mindful that grief affects everyone differently, so be forgiving.

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