Meeting the Financial Challenges of Burial and Cremation

For many families, final expenses lead to a financial burden that can be hard to meet. You can help your family cope with the challenges of paying for cemetery burial or cremation by advance planning. Pre-need planning allows you spread out the costs of cemetery and cremation services and alleviate the pressure on your family after you pass.

Planning ahead lets you lock in cemetery or cremation service pricing at today’s rates. You can spread out the cost of paying for these final expenses with monthly payments, allowing you to preserve the rate and pay off the costs before you need the services. When the time comes, your family can simply contact the cemetery to exercise the plan you have put in place.

Let Inglewood Park Cemetery help you take the financial burden of your final expenses off the shoulders of your family with our advance planning services. Talk to one of our counselors about planning in advance for cremation or cemetery services in the Los Angeles area today by calling (310) 412-6500.

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