Can I Send Flowers Even If Donations Were Requested Instead?

When a family requests that you send donations to a charity rather than sending flowers to the cemetery or funeral home, you may still have a preference to send flowers. Is it ever acceptable to overlook the family’s wishes and send flowers instead?

Some people opt to both make a donation and send flowers, while others do choose to forgo the donation in favor of flowers. Although families are typically grateful for all of the gestures people make to support them in their grief, often, sending flowers after being specifically asked not to can cause more difficulties for the family. Often they are left with the task of finding places for and caring for the flowers, which for some people may serve more as a reminder of their grief than a comfort. If you wish to send flowers, consider waiting until a few weeks or more after the funeral and send a bouquet as reminder that the family is still in your thoughts. If you wish to include flowers for the grave or crypt-side, ask your florist to send them directly to the Cemetery. For your convenience, the Inglewood Park Flower Shop is just inside our Manchester Boulevard Gate. They can deliver them directly to the funeral home, or easily drive the arrangement right to the gravesite.

Inglewood Park Cemetery in the Los Angeles area offers complete cemetery and cremation services and can assist with pre-planning. To learn more, please call (310) 412-6500.

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