• Planning a Post-Burial Reception

    To give friends and family of the deceased the opportunity to catch up and offer emotional support to one another, many people choose to have a reception following a funeral and burial. If you would like to hold a post-burial reception after your loved one’s cemetery service, continue reading for some planning tips.

    Choose a Location

    The right location for a post-burial reception can depend on the number of attendees. After determining how many people to expect, you can then consider different options for hosting the event. Some people choose to book a reception room, and others opt to host the gathering in their home. Inglewood Park Cemetery can offer space for a post-service repast or reception, accommodating up to 150 guests. For smaller groups, we offer our Celebrations of Life Center. Larger groups fit nicely at Freeman Court, Sunset Mission Mausoleum . No need to leave the cemetery grounds. Ask your Memorial Counselor about scheduling one of these spaces for after the interment or memorial service. Other locations to consider for the post-burial reception include a park, church hall, or restaurant.

    Ask for Assistance

    As with planning the funeral and burial, you can benefit from asking for help with the post-burial reception arrangements. For instance, instead of finding the venue or planning the catering, you can delegate tasks like these to other family members. Or, if you will not be using a catering service, then you may want to ask each of the attendees to bring a dish or beverage to the reception. Post-burial receptions do not need to be elaborate events, but no matter what type of gathering you end up planning, asking for help from others can be a practical decision.

    Make It Personal

    You may find that the post-burial reception is an ideal time to create lasting memories of your deceased loved one’s final services. To do this, you may wish to have a guest book for attendees to sign, cameras available for photo-taking, and a video camera on hand so that you may record any toasts, speeches, or stories that are shared. Also, consider serving some of the deceased’s favorite foods, or playing songs from his or her favorite artists.

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