Your First Holiday Season After a Loss

The holiday season is when many families come together, so it can be a particularly difficult time after the loss of a loved one. Read on for some advice on getting through your first holiday season following the cemetery or cremation service of someone close to you.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

For some individuals, the holidays are no more difficult to endure following a loss than any other time of year. For others, this season can be painful and cause feelings of grief to resurface. No matter what emotions you end up facing this time of year, it’s important to remember that every person grieves in his or her own way and it’s okay to struggle during the holidays and any other time of year. Acknowledging that the upcoming months might be difficult may help you find acceptance for the feelings you face during the holidays.

Face Your Grief

You may find yourself trying not to think about the person that you have lost as the holiday season approaches. Many people do this because they are hoping to avoid the pain that they expect they will feel. However, you may find that facing any grief that emerges during the holidays and consciously addressing the loss in some way may help you move through your pain. For example, you might consider sharing stories with your family about the one you have lost.

Focus on Yourself

Finally, the holidays are the time of year when it’s typical for people to push themselves a bit too hard as they busy themselves with gift giving, party planning, hosting holiday guests, and so on. While you may be tempted to distract yourself in ways like these to help make it through the holidays after a loss, remember to take care of yourself by not overdoing it and getting enough sleep and exercise.

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