Why Do People Place Flowers on Graves?

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Putting flowers on gravesites in cemeteries is a tradition. Archeologists have uncovered evidence that this practice was embraced as far back as the Stone Age. Families today may have different motivations for placing flowers at the gravesites of loved ones, but the practice remains popular. Why are flowers so common in cemeteries, and why do families bring them to their loved ones? Here is a look at some of the reasons why the custom of putting flowers at gravesites exists.

Families often bring flowers to the cemetery primarily for sentimental reasons. Flowers are a tangible way of showing love and respect, and leaving them at a grave is like leaving a tribute to a loved one. If the deceased had a favorite flower, family members may wish to bring that flower to the cemetery as a way of honoring their loved one’s memory. Families may choose to bring flowers on holidays and birthdays as a way of demonstrating that their lost loved ones remain in their hearts and are still a part of these special occasions.

For many families, tending to the gravestones and memorials of their loved ones is an important way of showing love and respect. Flowers are another way to make a gravesite look cared-for and more aesthetically pleasing. In some cases, families purchase a flower cup which is set into the ground near the memorial tablet for flowers, so that they can be easily changed out on a regular basis.

Flowers have many symbolic and spiritual significances that resonate with people. For instance, lilies are said to symbolize that the soul of the person who has passed away is at peace, while chrysanthemums suggest honor. Roses can mean love or friendship, depending on the color. Leaving flowers with a deeper meaning in a cemetery can be comforting to mourners.

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