What Happens If a Decedent’s Interment Plot Isn’t Used?

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When someone has purchased an interment plot that goes unused after he or she passes away, what becomes of that plot? The answer depends on whether the owner made arrangements for the inheritance of the plot before he or she passed. Inglewood Park Cemetery can help you navigate the process.

If the plot was willed to you, then you may be able to claim the rights of interment outright. If no plans were made for inheritance, the plot passes on to surviving relatives. Surviving spouse and children are first in line to inherit the interment rights, followed by, parents, siblings, and so forth as set out by the California Probate Code. Cemetery property is not subject to probate proceedings because the rights of interment pass to the heirs at law at the moment the owner passes away. This greatly simplifies the transfer of interment rights to the rightful heirs.

At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we understand that what happens to unused interment spaces can be confusing, but we are here to help your family make the appropriate transfer of ownership. Whether you need assistance with an interment space or help with cremation services in the Los Angeles area, call us today at (310) 412-6500.

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