How Can I Help the Family with a Post-Memorial Service Reception?

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After funeral or cremation services end, it is common for the family to host a post-memorial reception. The reception is a chance for friends and family members to come together and offer support to each other during a difficult time. It is also a way for the family of the deceased to show their appreciation to the people who attended the service. Although these receptions are traditional and can be a source of comfort, it can also be overwhelming for the family to organize the event in the midst of their grief and the other arrangements they have to make. There are many things you can do to ease the burden on the family as they plan the reception, including these ideas.

Become the Event Coordinator
Offer to take the lead on coordinating the event. This can include renting a venue for the reception, if it isn’t going to be held in someone’s home, and working with caterers and supply rental companies as needed. If the event isn’t going to be catered, find people to volunteer to make some of the dishes. By being the point person for all the logistics of the reception, you can allow the family to focus on planning the funeral or cremation service.

Set Up and Break Down the Space
Wherever the reception is held, there will be some setup that has to be done. Take charge of setting up tables, seating, food, and whatever else is necessary. If the reception is going to be held at a home, offer to do some cleaning before guests arrive. After the reception, assist with the cleanup, so that the family can focus on each other at the end of a difficult day.

Prepare Food
One of the easiest and most appreciated things you can do for a reception is to bring food or beverages to contribute to the gathering. Every dish you prepare or bring is one less thing the family has to worry about or pay for in the wake of their loss.

Consider Inglewood Park Cemetery’s Receptions and Catering Venues
Inglewood Park Cemetery now offers venues on our grounds where small or large groups can be hosted. With our list of approved caterers and our professional set-up, we have provided beautiful settings for post-funeral repasts and receptions. Please as your memorial counselor about our accommodations.

If your family needs help in arranging a interment or cremation service in the Los Angeles area, choose Inglewood Park Cemetery. You can speak to one of our compassionate staff members about interment spaces and more by calling (310) 412-6500.

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