Essential Etiquette for Laying Flowers on Your Loved One’s Grave

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Visiting a cemetery to leave flowers at the grave of a loved one is a time-honored tradition. In order to respect the cemetery grounds and the other families that visit it, it is important to follow certain etiquette rules for leaving flowers. Keep these guidelines in mind on your next visit to your loved one’s grave.

Check the Cemetery Rules
Many cemeteries have rules about the kinds of flowers that can be displayed and how they should be placed by the grave. Be sure you understand the Cemetery Rules before bringing your flowers to avoid any disappointment. The cemetery staff may remove the tribute you leave behind if it doesn’t meet the cemetery’s guidelines. Some common rules are banning artificial flowers for ground burials, and keeping your decorations within the boundaries of your loved one’s grave or crypt to avoid encroaching on adjacent graves or crypts.

Clean Up After Yourself
It’s important to clean up flowers you leave on a loved one’s grave. Doing so helps to keep the cemetery in good condition and ensures that the area looks well-maintained for other families who come to visit their loved ones. If you do choose to leave flowers at the cemetery, visit often to replenish them and take away the old ones. If you are unable to visit, cemetery staff will remove any flowers and other decorations when they become unsightly. If you place items that you wish to re-use, be sure to notify Park Operations so these articles are not inadvertently discarded.

Choose the Right Kind of Flowers
If you choose to bring cut flowers, keep in mind that they are unlikely to last for more than a week and will need to be cleared away more frequently. Potted plants last longer, as long as they are permitted by the cemetery. When choosing flowers, consider choosing seasonal blooms or flowers that were special to your loved one.

Inglewood Park Cemetery is happy to explain our guidelines for leaving remembrances at your loved one’s grave in the Los Angeles area. We’re also available to answer your questions about our cemetery, cremation services, and advance planning. Please contact us today with your questions at (310) 412-6500.

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