• What Happens If a Decedent’s Interment Plot Isn’t Used?

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    When someone has purchased an interment plot that goes unused after he or she passes away, what becomes of that plot? The answer depends on whether the owner made arrangements for the inheritance of the plot before he or she passed. Inglewood Park Cemetery can help you navigate the process.

    If the plot was willed to you, then you may be able to claim the rights of interment outright. If no plans were made for inheritance, the plot passes on to surviving relatives. Surviving spouse and children are first in line to inherit the interment rights, followed by, parents, siblings, and so forth as set out by the California Probate Code. Cemetery property is not subject to probate proceedings because the rights of interment pass to the heirs at law at the moment the owner passes away. This greatly simplifies the transfer of interment rights to the rightful heirs.

    At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we understand that what happens to unused interment spaces can be confusing, but we are here to help your family make the appropriate transfer of ownership. Whether you need assistance with an interment space or help with cremation services in the Los Angeles area, call us today at (310) 412-6500.

  • Essential Etiquette for Laying Flowers on Your Loved One’s Grave

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    Visiting a cemetery to leave flowers at the grave of a loved one is a time-honored tradition. In order to respect the cemetery grounds and the other families that visit it, it is important to follow certain etiquette rules for leaving flowers. Keep these guidelines in mind on your next visit to your loved one’s grave.

    Check the Cemetery Rules
    Many cemeteries have rules about the kinds of flowers that can be displayed and how they should be placed by the grave. Be sure you understand the Cemetery Rules before bringing your flowers to avoid any disappointment. The cemetery staff may remove the tribute you leave behind if it doesn’t meet the cemetery’s guidelines. Some common rules are banning artificial flowers for ground burials, and keeping your decorations within the boundaries of your loved one’s grave or crypt to avoid encroaching on adjacent graves or crypts.

    Clean Up After Yourself
    It’s important to clean up flowers you leave on a loved one’s grave. Doing so helps to keep the cemetery in good condition and ensures that the area looks well-maintained for other families who come to visit their loved ones. If you do choose to leave flowers at the cemetery, visit often to replenish them and take away the old ones. If you are unable to visit, cemetery staff will remove any flowers and other decorations when they become unsightly. If you place items that you wish to re-use, be sure to notify Park Operations so these articles are not inadvertently discarded.

    Choose the Right Kind of Flowers
    If you choose to bring cut flowers, keep in mind that they are unlikely to last for more than a week and will need to be cleared away more frequently. Potted plants last longer, as long as they are permitted by the cemetery. When choosing flowers, consider choosing seasonal blooms or flowers that were special to your loved one.

    Inglewood Park Cemetery is happy to explain our guidelines for leaving remembrances at your loved one’s grave in the Los Angeles area. We’re also available to answer your questions about our cemetery, cremation services, and advance planning. Please contact us today with your questions at (310) 412-6500.

  • How Can I Help the Family with a Post-Memorial Service Reception?

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    After funeral or cremation services end, it is common for the family to host a post-memorial reception. The reception is a chance for friends and family members to come together and offer support to each other during a difficult time. It is also a way for the family of the deceased to show their appreciation to the people who attended the service. Although these receptions are traditional and can be a source of comfort, it can also be overwhelming for the family to organize the event in the midst of their grief and the other arrangements they have to make. There are many things you can do to ease the burden on the family as they plan the reception, including these ideas.

    Become the Event Coordinator
    Offer to take the lead on coordinating the event. This can include renting a venue for the reception, if it isn’t going to be held in someone’s home, and working with caterers and supply rental companies as needed. If the event isn’t going to be catered, find people to volunteer to make some of the dishes. By being the point person for all the logistics of the reception, you can allow the family to focus on planning the funeral or cremation service.

    Set Up and Break Down the Space
    Wherever the reception is held, there will be some setup that has to be done. Take charge of setting up tables, seating, food, and whatever else is necessary. If the reception is going to be held at a home, offer to do some cleaning before guests arrive. After the reception, assist with the cleanup, so that the family can focus on each other at the end of a difficult day.

    Prepare Food
    One of the easiest and most appreciated things you can do for a reception is to bring food or beverages to contribute to the gathering. Every dish you prepare or bring is one less thing the family has to worry about or pay for in the wake of their loss.

    Consider Inglewood Park Cemetery’s Receptions and Catering Venues
    Inglewood Park Cemetery now offers venues on our grounds where small or large groups can be hosted. With our list of approved caterers and our professional set-up, we have provided beautiful settings for post-funeral repasts and receptions. Please as your memorial counselor about our accommodations.

    If your family needs help in arranging a interment or cremation service in the Los Angeles area, choose Inglewood Park Cemetery. You can speak to one of our compassionate staff members about interment spaces and more by calling (310) 412-6500.

  • Why Do People Place Flowers on Graves?

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    Putting flowers on gravesites in cemeteries is a tradition. Archeologists have uncovered evidence that this practice was embraced as far back as the Stone Age. Families today may have different motivations for placing flowers at the gravesites of loved ones, but the practice remains popular. Why are flowers so common in cemeteries, and why do families bring them to their loved ones? Here is a look at some of the reasons why the custom of putting flowers at gravesites exists.

    Families often bring flowers to the cemetery primarily for sentimental reasons. Flowers are a tangible way of showing love and respect, and leaving them at a grave is like leaving a tribute to a loved one. If the deceased had a favorite flower, family members may wish to bring that flower to the cemetery as a way of honoring their loved one’s memory. Families may choose to bring flowers on holidays and birthdays as a way of demonstrating that their lost loved ones remain in their hearts and are still a part of these special occasions.

    For many families, tending to the gravestones and memorials of their loved ones is an important way of showing love and respect. Flowers are another way to make a gravesite look cared-for and more aesthetically pleasing. In some cases, families purchase a flower cup which is set into the ground near the memorial tablet for flowers, so that they can be easily changed out on a regular basis.

    Flowers have many symbolic and spiritual significances that resonate with people. For instance, lilies are said to symbolize that the soul of the person who has passed away is at peace, while chrysanthemums suggest honor. Roses can mean love or friendship, depending on the color. Leaving flowers with a deeper meaning in a cemetery can be comforting to mourners.

    Inglewood Park Cemetery has a flower shop on premises, so families visiting our cemetery in the Los Angeles area can choose a special tribute to their loved ones. We offer a variety of cemetery and cremation services and are here to answer your questions. Call (310) 412-6500 to find out more.