Our Photo Services for Surviving Relatives and Descendants

Cemetery Los Angeles

Loved ones are scattered across the globe these days, which can make it difficult for family and friends to visit a loved one’s cemetery plot or see the memorial tablets and monuments. For this reason, Inglewood Park Cemetery is pleased to offer a photo service, so family and friends can see where a loved one is interred even when they cannot make the trip in person.

We offer both digital and paper photos that can be shared with loved ones. Digital photos can be provided in both landscape and portrait orientation in 100 dpi, while paper photos are printed on 5×7 glossy paper. The photos are done in color and cropped so that the inscription can be seen. Keep in mind that inscriptions can become weathered over time, which can affect readability.

Let Inglewood Park Cemetery help you keep your loved ones connected with our photo services. Our cemetery in the Los Angeles area is always available to answer your questions about cremation and internment spaces. Find out more by calling (310) 412-6500.

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