How Pre-Planning Protects Your Loved Ones Financially

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When a loved one dies, it’s difficult to make rational decisions at the cemetery office. Even with the help of compassionate memorial counselors, families may struggle to choose a grave marker or method of interment. In many cases, their decisions are influenced by financial constraints. By choosing to pre-plan your final arrangements, you’ll protect your family from the emotional weight of making these difficult decisions and the financial burden of saying their final farewells.

You can pay for your arrangements in advance.
Pre-planning doesn’t always mean pre-funding. Some people choose to create written plans for their final arrangements without paying for them in advance—a troubling situation that can add to the survivors’ stress and financial woes. The most thoughtful way to make your final arrangements is to pay when you finalize the details. In doing so, you will prevent your family from enduring the financial impact of paying your final expenses at the time of need.

You can lock in your prices at today’s rates.
The cost of living—and dying—will only increase over time. As cemetery plots are used and land becomes ever-more scarce, the costs of dying in America continue to climb. By pre-funding your final arrangements, you can secure significant financial savings for your family because you’ll lock in today’s rates.

You can take advantage of affordable payment plans.
When a person dies without having made pre-need arrangements, the family is generally expected to pay the burial or cremation costs promptly. Many families simply can’t afford to pay thousands to bury their loved ones with dignity. By planning in advance of need, you may have the luxury of spacing out your payments with an installment plan. Typically, you’ll pay a certain percentage down, followed by reasonable monthly payments over time.

Inglewood Park Cemetery offers a range of affordable cemetery services in the Los Angeles area. Our memorial counselors can clearly explain our easy monthly installment plans for individuals who are interested in advance planning. You can contact our cemetery at (310) 412-6500 or visit us online to find out more about our affordable and respectful options.

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