Comparing Lawn and Mausoleum Crypt Options

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Are you planning ahead for your own funeral or in the process of making final arrangements for a loved one who has passed? If so, then you may have questions about cemetery interment options that involve crypts. Like lawn crypts and mausoleum crypts are types of interment options available for a person’s final resting place.

A lawn crypt is a burial vault that provides a type of ground entombment. A mausoleum crypt, on the other hand, is an above ground monument or building. Both lawn and mausoleum crypts are structures that require opening and closing and provide a protected area in which a casket can be placed. While mausoleum crypts are available in single or double capacity, lawn crypts are always double capacity. Whichever you choose, you or your loved one can be memorialized with the addition of a memorial tablet on the lawn, or a crypt plate in the mausoleum.

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