Examining the Benefits of Our Property Listing Program

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Have you inherited cemetery property that you have no need for? Or perhaps you purchased cemetery property as part of the funeral pre-planning process but now plan to move away from the area and no longer require the space. To accommodate situations like these, Inglewood Park Cemetery offers our Property Listing Program.

The Program’s Purpose
Inglewood Park Cemetery’s Property Listing Program is designed to benefit both buyers and sellers by making the process of selling or purchasing cemetery property simpler and more expedient. The program offers people a convenient tool for selling cemetery property that they have inherited or no longer need after moving or making other arrangements.

How Sellers Benefit
Sellers are represented by Inglewood Park Cemetery, meaning that they do not have to hire the services of attorneys or other brokers. Also, sellers do not need to worry about advertising the space because the Property Listing Program draws buyers. Taking advantage of this program as a seller means that you will not have to seek out or meet prospective buyers because the entire process can be handled through the mail. Furthermore, the program allows sellers to give Inglewood Park Cemetery permission to act on their behalf, ridding them of most of the hassle and responsibility that would otherwise be involved with listing and selling cemetery property.

How Buyers Benefit
If there is an area of the cemetery that you’re interested in but has no available space left, then you have a great reason to take advantage of Inglewood Park Cemetery’s Property Listing Program. Many of the properties listed for sale through this program are located where inventory is no longer available for sale. This can make it easier to buy a plot near deceased loved ones or in a favored location. Finally, buyers needn’t worry about the hassles involved with property transfers, because Inglewood Park Cemetery handles all the associated paperwork and communications.

If you’re in need of cremation, gravestone, or cemetery services in the Los Angeles area or wish to buy or sell cemetery property, then please reach out to Inglewood Park Cemetery by calling (310) 412-6500.

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