Designing a Memorial for a Loved One

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As you make arrangements for your loved one’s final resting place, one matter to consider is the memorial tablet, crypt plate, or niche plate. When you consult the staff at the cemetery, you’ll be shown a variety of styles and other options to choose from. When making your decisions, consider which styles and designs would best suit the personality of your loved one.

Choose a Material and Style
It is customary for memorial tablets to be carved from granite, but bronze is also a tasteful choice that many families prefer. You can request to see samples of tablets or plates, and engraving designs, made from both materials before making your decision. Both granite and bronze are highly durable materials that withstand weathering quite well. The two basic styles of memorials are upright stones and flat markers. If you wish to design an upright granite gravestone for your loved one, be sure to ask if these are accepted in the area where the grave is located. Like most cemeteries, Inglewood Park Cemetery does have some restrictions regarding both flat tablets and upright monuments.

Select an Appropriate Design
Take your time choosing the design for your loved one’s memorial. There are many graceful options. Many families choose floral or geometrical designs for the border of the memorial tablet. You may decide to add religious symbols to the marker or perhaps to personalize it with treasured family photographs. Ask to see our style and design catalogs.

Choose an Inscription
Your loved one’s full name, including the middle initial, will be engraved on the marker, along with the dates of birth and death. Although it is not required, you may choose to add an inscription such as, “Loving Father, Husband, and Son.” If you are making arrangements for a double capacity interment space, a portion of the tablet or plate may temporarily be left incomplete to allow space for the name and dates of a second person in the grave.

At Inglewood Park Cemetery, our Memorial Counselors will be pleased to help you design a grave or crypt marker or family monument. Please call (310) 412-6500 with any questions you may have. We have been serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1905.

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