• Coping with Family Disagreements While Making Final

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    Are you arranging burial services, choosing a cemetery and gravestone, or deciding between cremation and burial for a deceased loved one? If so, then the number of decisions that need to be made during this time can feel overwhelming, and arguments among family members can make the funeral planning process even more challenging. Read on for some tips on coping with family disagreements while making final arrangements.

    Show Your Family Patience
    It’s not uncommon for arguments to develop among family members while making funeral arrangements for someone who recently passed on. One way that you can cope with this type of circumstance is to keep in mind that stressful events, such as the death of a family member, often brings out the worst in others. Remembering that your family members may feel tense and grief-ridden can make it easier to understand their behavior and respond in a way that is helpful.

    Let Go of Control
    If you are the one who stepped forward to begin the process of making final arrangements, then you may feel a need to see the process through to the end and monitor each step along the way. This mindset can make the funeral and burial planning processes more challenging than they need to be, and may also initiate arguments. Remember that you do not have to control all the proceedings and that it is okay to ask for help and opinions from others.

    Be Kind to Yourself
    Following the death of a loved one, it’s not uncommon for people to overlook their own physical and emotional needs, particularly among those who are making the final arrangements. To help keep disagreements to a minimum, be sure to treat yourself kindly by getting enough food and rest and allowing yourself to grieve. Also, if another person is making the final arrangements, reach out and offer your help and support to help keep everyone’s stress to a minimum.

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  • Advice for Penning an Obituary

    Are you considering options for cemetery services following the loss of a loved one? If so, then you may also need to compose an obituary for the deceased individual. If you have questions about this process, then watch this video for some helpful advice on preparing an obituary.

    Start by finding a local newspaper and reading some of its obituaries to gain an understanding of how they are formatted and what information they contain. Next, contact the funeral director or newspaper to learn about pricing and deadlines. Then, collect and write down any information you want to be included in the obituary. Finally, put the pieces of information together in a way that highlights the deceased person’s full and wonderful life.

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  • Examining the Benefits of Our Property Listing Program

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    Have you inherited cemetery property that you have no need for? Or perhaps you purchased cemetery property as part of the funeral pre-planning process but now plan to move away from the area and no longer require the space. To accommodate situations like these, Inglewood Park Cemetery offers our Property Listing Program.

    The Program’s Purpose
    Inglewood Park Cemetery’s Property Listing Program is designed to benefit both buyers and sellers by making the process of selling or purchasing cemetery property simpler and more expedient. The program offers people a convenient tool for selling cemetery property that they have inherited or no longer need after moving or making other arrangements.

    How Sellers Benefit
    Sellers are represented by Inglewood Park Cemetery, meaning that they do not have to hire the services of attorneys or other brokers. Also, sellers do not need to worry about advertising the space because the Property Listing Program draws buyers. Taking advantage of this program as a seller means that you will not have to seek out or meet prospective buyers because the entire process can be handled through the mail. Furthermore, the program allows sellers to give Inglewood Park Cemetery permission to act on their behalf, ridding them of most of the hassle and responsibility that would otherwise be involved with listing and selling cemetery property.

    How Buyers Benefit
    If there is an area of the cemetery that you’re interested in but has no available space left, then you have a great reason to take advantage of Inglewood Park Cemetery’s Property Listing Program. Many of the properties listed for sale through this program are located where inventory is no longer available for sale. This can make it easier to buy a plot near deceased loved ones or in a favored location. Finally, buyers needn’t worry about the hassles involved with property transfers, because Inglewood Park Cemetery handles all the associated paperwork and communications.

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  • A Look at Different Stages of Grief [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences in life. It is natural to want to find a way to understand grief, especially in the midst of making decisions about a cemetery, gravestone memorials, and interment spaces. One familiar way of making sense of mourning is through different stages of grief. Learn more about grieving after the loss of a loved one in this infographic from Inglewood Park Cemetery. Our cemetery in the Los Angeles area provides a serene final resting place and several options for family memorials. Contact us with your questions about our cemetery, and please consider helping others experiencing a loss by sharing this important information about grieving.

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  • Designing a Memorial for a Loved One

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    As you make arrangements for your loved one’s final resting place, one matter to consider is the memorial tablet, crypt plate, or niche plate. When you consult the staff at the cemetery, you’ll be shown a variety of styles and other options to choose from. When making your decisions, consider which styles and designs would best suit the personality of your loved one.

    Choose a Material and Style
    It is customary for memorial tablets to be carved from granite, but bronze is also a tasteful choice that many families prefer. You can request to see samples of tablets or plates, and engraving designs, made from both materials before making your decision. Both granite and bronze are highly durable materials that withstand weathering quite well. The two basic styles of memorials are upright stones and flat markers. If you wish to design an upright granite gravestone for your loved one, be sure to ask if these are accepted in the area where the grave is located. Like most cemeteries, Inglewood Park Cemetery does have some restrictions regarding both flat tablets and upright monuments.

    Select an Appropriate Design
    Take your time choosing the design for your loved one’s memorial. There are many graceful options. Many families choose floral or geometrical designs for the border of the memorial tablet. You may decide to add religious symbols to the marker or perhaps to personalize it with treasured family photographs. Ask to see our style and design catalogs.

    Choose an Inscription
    Your loved one’s full name, including the middle initial, will be engraved on the marker, along with the dates of birth and death. Although it is not required, you may choose to add an inscription such as, “Loving Father, Husband, and Son.” If you are making arrangements for a double capacity interment space, a portion of the tablet or plate may temporarily be left incomplete to allow space for the name and dates of a second person in the grave.

    At Inglewood Park Cemetery, our Memorial Counselors will be pleased to help you design a grave or crypt marker or family monument. Please call (310) 412-6500 with any questions you may have. We have been serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1905.