• What to Do with Cremated Remains

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    Following the cremation of a deceased loved one, you’ll have several options to choose from as far as what to do with the cremated remains. The following are some of the choices to consider for cremated remains:

    One popular option for cremated remains is to keep the deceased individual’s cremated remains in an urn. This urn can be stored in the surviving family’s home, and some people choose to divide up the remains into several different urns, allowing more than one household to have an urn that contains the cremated remains of their loved one who has passed on. Inurnment is chosen often because it allows the family to take their time to decide what to do with the cremated remains and to easily scatter them later if they so choose.

    It’s important to realize that choosing cremation services for your deceased loved one does not mean that cemetery memorials aren’t an option. Following the funeral, you can opt to bury the cremated remains in a funeral plot, store them in a columbarium or mausoleum, or inter them within a cremation niche. Or you can choose to have the cremated remains buried in a cremation garden, or stored in a cremation ossuary, a granite bench, or rock a dedicated boulder in one of our cremation gardens. When it comes to memorialization for cremated remains, you’ll find that there are many options from which to choose.

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  • The Catholic Church’s Perspective on Cremation

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    If you are Catholic and recently suffered the loss of a family member, then you may be wondering if you should consider cremation as part of the deceased’s funeral services. Read on to learn about the Catholic Church’s perspective on cremation.

    The Catholic Church and Burial
    It makes sense that there is some confusion about the Catholic Church’s stance on cremation. Up until 1963, the Catholic Church insisted that all Catholics follow the manner of Christ’s burial by choosing to either bury or entomb the body. To this day, the Church proclaims that cremation is less favorable than burial or entombment. In 1983, the Catholic Church developed a revised Code of Canon Law that helps Catholics to understand that, although the prohibition that forbade Catholics from selecting cremation for the remains of their loved ones who have passed on was lifted in 1963, it was not intended to be an endorsement for cremation. However, the Church does allow cremation under the right circumstances and if certain procedures are followed.

    The Catholic Church and Cremation
    The Catholic Church urges that the remains of a cremated body be placed in a vessel that is respectful to the deceased, and that the cremated remains be treated in the same way as a body in a casket. Also, the cremated remains are to be buried or entombed in the same timeframe as a body in a casket.

    The Catholic Church and Funeral Rites
    The Church urges that the deceased’s full body be present for the funeral rites because these are sacred acts that play an important role in helping the bereaved family through the mourning process. For this reason, many Catholics choose to have any planned cremation services performed after the funeral. In the case that the remains need to be cremated before the funeral rites, then the Catholic Church allows the cremated remains to be present at the Funeral Mass, provided they are buried or entombed afterward.

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  • Comforting Someone Who Is Grieving

    A person’s passing can leave family and friends devastated by grief. If you recently attended a cemetery service, then watch this video to learn how you can comfort a grieving friend or family member.

    Be prepared to let the person grieve in her own way without judgement or criticism. Listen to the person and demonstrate genuine sympathy for her emotions, while not assuming to know how she feels and avoiding giving advice. Finally, helping with daily tasks like food preparation and child care can be invaluable to your grieving friend or family member during this time.

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