The Process of Selecting a Gravestone

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Death is a natural part of life, but it can still be a challenging and emotional time. Whether you are in the process of funeral pre-planning or you have a loved one who has just passed away, there are many decisions that must be made. The choice between cremation and burial is a personal one, and may be affected by religious beliefs or environmental concerns. Both cremated remains and a body that is buried can have a gravestone memorial to mark a person’s last resting place. Read on to learn how to select a gravestone.

Cemetery Regulations
Before you begin the process of picking out a gravestone, make sure you are aware of the cemetery’s rules and regulations regarding such memorials. The size, material, and type of gravestone may all be regulated by the cemetery, so do your research to ensure that the memorial you choose is within their guidelines. If the gravestone maker you choose is unaware of the cemetery’s regulations, check with your memorial counselor at the cemetery.

Once you are sure that the gravestone will meet the cemetery’s guidelines, consider which material you would like it to be made. Gravestones are often made of granite, marble, slate, bronze, sandstone, and other materials that stand up to the test of time. Granite and bronze tend to be the most popular choices because of their durability and attractiveness, as well as their ability to withstand extreme weather. You can select a color that you like as you are choosing the material, keeping in mind that some colors may be more expensive than others.

There are a number of different styles of gravestones from which you can choose. A monument is a classic choice, and stands upright to mark the gravesite. A grave marker, on the other hand, lies flat and blends in with its surroundings. You might also choose a memorial bench that provides a place for mourners to sit and remember the deceased.

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