An Introduction to Memorial Tablets

Cemetery Los Angeles

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a challenging and emotional time. During your time of grief, try to rely on your friends and family for support and remind yourself that you are not alone. Remembering the deceased can also help ease your pain, as you may have many happy recollections of your time together. By placing a memorial tablet, crypt plate or niche plate, you can have a permanent place where you and your family can go to be silent and think about the fond memories you hold. Memorial tablets come in a variety of styles and designs in granite or bronze. The deceased may have his or her own unique memorial tablet, or the name may be added to an existing tablet or plaque, or to an upright family monument in designated areas.

Contact Inglewood Park Cemetery at (310) 412-6500 to learn more about memorial tablets and other memorialization options . We are proud to offer many personalized memorial options and family monuments to help you remember your loved one, here in the greater Los Angeles area.

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