• An Introduction to Memorial Tablets

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    Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a challenging and emotional time. During your time of grief, try to rely on your friends and family for support and remind yourself that you are not alone. Remembering the deceased can also help ease your pain, as you may have many happy recollections of your time together. By placing a memorial tablet, crypt plate or niche plate, you can have a permanent place where you and your family can go to be silent and think about the fond memories you hold. Memorial tablets come in a variety of styles and designs in granite or bronze. The deceased may have his or her own unique memorial tablet, or the name may be added to an existing tablet or plaque, or to an upright family monument in designated areas.

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  • Considerations When Choosing Cremation for a Deceased Loved One

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    When someone you care about passes away, you may feel sad, angry, and overwhelmed at the number of tasks you must complete. It is normal to feel a broad range of emotions when a death occurs, which is why funeral pre-planning can be helpful for your friends and family. If your loved one has passed away without leaving specific instructions, it may fall to you to decide whether to cremate or bury. As you make this decision, there are a number of factors to consider before you make up your mind. Keep reading to learn more about choosing cremation for a deceased loved one.

    Last Wishes
    Death is a difficult event to deal with, but it can be eased slightly if the deceased had made his or her last wishes clear before passing away. Even if the deceased did not write down or pre-plan funeral and burial wishes, he or she may have expressed these wishes to you or another close relative or friend. Keep those wishes in mind as you are choosing cremation, making sure that it is in line with what the deceased would have wanted. If the deceased did not state a preference for cremation services or burial, discuss the matter with a few close loved ones so that you can feel confident about the decision to cremate.

    When you are choosing whether to cremate or bury your loved one, you may want to look to religious beliefs to help determine your choice. Certain religions have beliefs around what is the proper way to deal with a body after death. While cremation may be allowed in some traditions, burial may be the preference for others. Be sure to keep the religious beliefs of the deceased in mind, rather than making the choice based on your own faith traditions.

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  • What You Should and Shouldn’t Say at a Funeral

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    Death is a natural part of life, but it can still be a difficult and overwhelming time when someone you know passes away. When you attend a funeral at a cemetery, whether it’s for someone you were close to or simply an acquaintance, chances are there will be people to whom you should express sympathy. Friends and family of the deceased will be in attendance, and though your presence is appreciated, saying a few kind words can be even more meaningful. Keep reading to learn what is appropriate to say at a funeral, and what kinds of things should be avoided.

    What to Say
    The best words to say at a funeral come from the heart. You can be both sincere and brief, so you don’t have to worry about having a speech prepared. The bereaved have many things on their minds, and just heartfelt sentence or two from you can offer them comfort and support in a difficult time. “I’m sorry for your loss” is an appropriate thing to say to relatives and friends of the departed. It is short, but shows that you are thinking of them. You can also offer support, saying that you are only a phone call away or available at any time that your help might be useful. Putting a hand on someone’s arm or giving someone a hug can also help express your sympathy in a trying time.

    What Not to Say
    Though it may be difficult to find the right words to say, saying just a few words is far better than saying the wrong thing while you are at the grave side. Try to avoid statements such as, “I know how you feel,” as this makes it about your experience rather than theirs. Platitudes such as “everything happens for a reason” should also be avoided, as chances are the mourners have already thought about why their loved one has died. Also, when expressing faith in an afterlife, be certain the person to whom you are speaking will be receptive to comments such as, “she’s in a better place,” or “heaven has another angel now.”

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