FAQ’s About Funeral Etiquette

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Individuals often have questions about what they can do to show respect when attending a funeral at the cemetery. Here, you’ll find the answers to common questions regarding funeral etiquette.

What is proper funeral attire?
While all black is the traditional clothing choice for many types of funerals, it’s no longer considered a requirement by most people. First, check your funeral invitation to see if there are any comments regarding preferred attire. If nothing is indicated, any respectful clothing in dark or muted colors should be considered acceptable. When visiting a cemetery, keep in mind that high heels are not a practical choice, as these may sink into the ground as you walk.

Should I stand or sit at a cemetery service?
While there may be chairs set up at the site, these are typically reserved for the immediate family. If you are not a close family member to the deceased, you should plan to stand during the service.

What time should I arrive?
As a display of respect to the deceased and his or her surviving family, plan to arrive at the location early. This will help ensure that you do not show up late and interrupt the service in any way.

Should I bring my child to the burial?
The answer to this relies heavily on the age, maturity level, and temperament of your child. First, consider whether he is old enough to attend this type of event and not be surprised or scared. Also, consider whether or not you can expect him to remain quiet and content throughout the burial at the cemetery. If it’s likely that your child will become fussy, then it might be best to leave him at home with a family member or babysitter.

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