Etiquette Tips for Visiting a Cemetery

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Family members and friends of loved ones who have passed on may choose to visit the cemetery where they are interred for a variety of reasons. Some people feel compelled to pay their respects, to tend to the gravesite and grave marker, or to gather with others to share cherished memories of the decedent. If you’re planning a visit to a cemetery, there are a few matters of etiquette you should be aware of.

Check the Rules
Before you depart for the cemetery, visit our website to check for our list of rules and guidelines. If none are available, you can inquire at the office when you arrive. Pay close attention to guidelines about leaving flowers and other personal items at the grave. We do not allow planted flora or anything that is affixed directly to the headstone. You may leave personal items, but be aware that they will be collected. You can inquire about the next collection date so that you can retrieve the personal items if you wish.

Supervise Children
If you will be bringing children or adolescents with you to the cemetery, it’s important to discuss with them beforehand the importance of proper decorum. Explain that you expect them to not yell, run around, roll around on the ground, throw items, or otherwise behave disrespectfully. Remind them that you will be going to a place where there will very likely be other mourners, some of whom may have very recently lost their loved ones. Parents or caregivers should maintain supervision of children at all times.

Maintain the Tranquility
It is not necessary to speak in whispers, but adults should maintain the same rules of decorum as children. Avoid calling out to other people; use a moderate volume when speaking. When driving through the cemetery, stay on the designated path. Keep your car radio off. Littering, including leaving cigarette butts, is strictly frowned upon. Pets are not allowed on the lawns.

Inglewood Park Cemetery welcomes respectful visitors and mourners to our cemetery. We abide by strict maintenance regulations for the care and upkeep of our grounds, but if you have a special service request, you may contact us at (310) 412-6500. Those who are planning a funeral or pre-planning a funeral can visit us online to view our cemetery memorial options. As always, our Memorial Counselors are here to answer any questions you may have.

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