Determining What You Will Need for Your Burial or Cremation

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Planning is a smart way to arrange the cemetery services that you want for yourself and remove the related decision-making and financial burdens from your family after you’re gone. If you’re considering the advantages of pre-planning cemetery services, continue reading to learn what you will need for your burial or cremation.

Ground Burial
Outer burial containers are required for all ground burials. Sometimes referred to as a grave vault, grave liner, or burial liner, outer burial containers enclose a casket inside of a grave. Sometimes, these vaults are pre-set during development. We call these graves “lawn crypts.” Also, the State of California requires that an endowment care deposit is made for every grave and memorial that is sold. Endowment care deposits go toward the cemetery’s Endowment Care Fund, which places the deposits in trust for the maintenance of the grounds. If you choose to include a memorial tablet, plate, or inscription, you will need to consider what material, size, and design you would like. Your cemetery memorial will also require a setting fee, and a foundation fee if you select a bronze tablet. Ground burial is also an option for cremation. If you opt for a cremation ground burial, then you will need a cremation vault, which serves the same purpose as a burial vault. Finally, opening and closing services are required for ground burials.

Cremation Memorialization
If you choose permanent cremation memorialization for the placement of your cremated remains, there will be no need for a vault. However, as with ground burial, there will be a required endowment care deposit for the cremation memorialization that you select. If you choose a glass-front niche, the inscription is sometimes made right on the urn. Opening and closing services will be needed, and a setting fee will be included for the placement of the memorial on a granite or marble-front niche.

For more than 110 years, Inglewood Park Cemetery has provided interment and cemetery services in the Los Angeles area. If you’d like to learn about the variety of burial and cremation options that we offer, then please call us today at (310) 412-6500.

Discussing Your Interment Options with Your Family

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Today, many individuals take advantage of funeral pre-planning to design the funeral that they want for themselves and take this burden away from their family. One important aspect of this process is to select a cemetery and review burial options. Keep reading for advice on discussing your interment options with your family.

Ground Burial
Ground burial is a traditional option for interment, in which the casket is buried in the ground in one of the cemetery’s lawns. This option requires a burial vault along with opening and closing of the grave. Also, you may choose to include a memorial tablet. When discussing this option with your family, ask if there is any interest in being buried at the same cemetery, and then factor this into your decision.

Lawn Crypt
A double-depth lawn crypt is another type of ground burial, but it comes with the burial vaults already installed. Again, it requires opening and closing, and a memorial tablet is optional. If your spouse, partner, or other family member is interested in lawn crypt burial, you may want to consider this option when arranging your cemetery services.

Mausoleum Crypt
Mausoleums are above-ground structures built to house bodies of the deceased, and they contain sealed chambers that are typically designed to hold 1 or 2 caskets. In some of our facilities, ample inventory allows for families to purchase adjacent crypt so they can be together. Some of the benefits to mention to your family are that mausoleum crypts are dry and clean and can have comparable costs to ground burial.

Cremation Niche
Lastly, if you are interested in cremation rather than burial, you should consider your cremation niche options with your family. Cremation niches are small compartments designed to hold one or more urns containing cremated remains. Cremation niches can have glass, marble, or bronze fronts, and come in various sizes to meet your family needs.

At our cemetery in the Los Angeles area, Inglewood Park Cemetery offers a broad range of gravestone and cemetery memorial services. For more information, please call (310) 412-6500.

Finding Hope for Complicated Grief

Following the loss of a loved one, grief can linger long after the cemetery service is complete. If you’re struggling to cope with a loss, watch this video to learn about finding hope when you’re suffering from complicated grief.

A person who has complicated grief experiences intense longing and sadness, preoccupying thoughts and memories about the person who died, and difficulty functioning in everyday life. In a new study, it was found that reliving the moment when the person learned of the death may reduce complicated grief symptoms.

The compassionate and experienced staff at Inglewood Park Cemetery can help you through the cemetery and memorialization planning process. To reach our cemetery serving the Los Angeles area, please call (310) 412-6500.

Tips for Preparing Children to Visit a Cemetery

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Parents are often concerned about introducing children to the concept of death and bringing them to funerals and cemetery services. If you’re planning to take your child to a cemetery, then continue reading for tips on preparing him or her for the visit.

Answer Questions Honestly
If your child hasn’t lost a family member or pet in the past, then this cemetery visit may be his introduction to death and leave him with many questions. While you may be tempted to sugarcoat your answers or change the topic, helping your child to develop a healthy understanding of death now may benefit him in the future. Answer his questions honestly and in an age-appropriate way to ready him for the cemetery visit.

Provide Visit Details
Often, anxiety stems from the unknown, and this goes for children as well. If you’re worried that your child is nervous about the cemetery visit, then provide him with plenty of details. Let him know who else will be there, what will happen during the visit, and what day and time you plan to go. Also, informing your child of the reasons for going, instead of just telling him that you will be visiting a cemetery together, may ease his fears. You can explain that the outing will allow you both to say goodbye to, express grief for, and show your love of the deceased.

Plan 2 Trips
If you’re visiting a cemetery for a funeral service and you want to prepare your child for the experience, then consider planning an additional trip before the ceremony. By going together with just your immediate family, you can give your child a chance to see and experience the cemetery without the added stress of wearing formal clothing and meeting new people. Then, let him know that your next visit will be a coming together of friends and family to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed on.

At Inglewood Park Cemetery we offer cemetery, cremation, and memorialization services. To learn more about our cemetery serving the Los Angeles area, please give us a call at (310) 412-6500.

Protect Your Family Financially with Pre-Planning

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Arranging your funeral and cemetery services in advance offers many benefits. For example, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your funeral and burial will be conducted according to your wishes. Also, you can save your family from the stress of making all the necessary decisions while they are grieving your loss. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, funeral pre-planning can offer financial protection for your family.

Funeral pre-planning protects your family financially in 2 ways. First, you can pay for the arrangement yourself so that your surviving family isn’t left with funeral expenses after your passing. Second, pre-need planning allows you to lock in today’s rates for cemetery space and services, which may go up over the time between now and the actual time of need.

If you’re in the process of funeral pre-planning in the Los Angeles area, then please contact Inglewood Park Cemetery at (310) 412-6500 to learn about our affordable pricing.

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