Your Options for Cremated Remains

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Planning a funeral can be an overwhelming experience, whether it’s for yourself or someone you love. When someone passes away, hopefully they will have specified whether they want to be buried or cremated. Cremation is an increasingly popular option, as it is simple, economical, and does not rule out the possibility of being interred in a cemetery. There are a number of options for where to place cremated remains after a person is deceased so that friends and family can visit and honor their memory long after they are gone. Read on to learn more about options for cremated remains.

An urn is a receptacle where cremated remains are stored. Urns come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes, so consider choosing one that best reflects the tastes and preferences of the deceased. You might select a vase-like urn that’s made of metal, or an understated wooden box depending on your preferences. An urn can be ornate, elegant, sophisticated, or a combination of all of these. Consult with family members and friends for opinions if you are having a hard time selecting an urn.

In addition to gravestones, cemeteries typically also have columbaria where cremated remains are placed. A columbarium offers a specific and permanent place for the urn with the cremated remains to rest. This allows mourners to visit at any time, and provides a way for future generations to remember their relatives, as well. The columbarium may be located inside a mausoleum, and cremated remains have their own area or room.

If you or your loved one would prefer your cremated remains to be placed in an open-air setting, consider placement in a garden niche. Ask your memorial counselor if this is an option at the cemetery of your choosing. A garden niche provides a beautiful view and a natural setting for cremated remains to be located.

At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we understand that you and your family are going through a difficult time. That’s why we’ve provided compassionate cremation services in the Los Angeles area for over 100 years. Call us at (310) 412-6500 to find out more about our cemetery services.

A Look at Columbaria

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As you are in the process of funeral pre-planning, you will need to decide whether you want to be cremated or buried. If you choose cremation services, you will still have many memorialization options, such as being placed in a columbarium. Some columbaria are located within a mausoleum at a cemetery, and provides a specific place for friends and family to visit and remember the deceased for generations to come. The urn that you or your family chooses can be elaborate or simple, as can the area in which your urn is stored within the columbarium. The space where you are placed within the columbarium may be a family memorial, or could be just for an individual placement..

Call Inglewood Park Cemetery at (310) 412-6500 to learn more about interment spaces in the Los Angeles area, including our beautiful columbaria and garden niches. We pledge to treat you and your family with the respect, compassion, and dignity you deserve in this difficult time.

The Dos and Don'ts of Funeral Etiquette

When you are attending a funeral for someone you care about, it is important to know how to behave. Whether you are present for a funeral at a church or a memorial in a cemetery, you should practice the proper etiquette. Watch this video to learn more.

As soon as you receive news of a death, take the time to call or write a letter to the immediate family of the deceased. Do not ask if you will be invited to the funeral service or cemetery, but rather wait to see if you are. Offer your support and condolences, and be sure to turn off your cell phone during the funeral or at the cemetery.

Let Inglewood Park Cemetery help guide you and your family through the loss of your loved one. Call (310) 412-6500 to speak with one of our cemetery memorial counselors and learn more about grave markers and family monuments in the Los Angeles area.

An Introduction to Memorial Tablets

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Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a challenging and emotional time. During your time of grief, try to rely on your friends and family for support and remind yourself that you are not alone. Remembering the deceased can also help ease your pain, as you may have many happy recollections of your time together. By placing a memorial tablet, crypt plate or niche plate, you can have a permanent place where you and your family can go to be silent and think about the fond memories you hold. Memorial tablets come in a variety of styles and designs in granite or bronze. The deceased may have his or her own unique memorial tablet, or the name may be added to an existing tablet or plaque, or to an upright family monument in designated areas.

Contact Inglewood Park Cemetery at (310) 412-6500 to learn more about memorial tablets and other memorialization options . We are proud to offer many personalized memorial options and family monuments to help you remember your loved one, here in the greater Los Angeles area.

Considerations When Choosing Cremation for a Deceased Loved One

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When someone you care about passes away, you may feel sad, angry, and overwhelmed at the number of tasks you must complete. It is normal to feel a broad range of emotions when a death occurs, which is why funeral pre-planning can be helpful for your friends and family. If your loved one has passed away without leaving specific instructions, it may fall to you to decide whether to cremate or bury. As you make this decision, there are a number of factors to consider before you make up your mind. Keep reading to learn more about choosing cremation for a deceased loved one.

Last Wishes
Death is a difficult event to deal with, but it can be eased slightly if the deceased had made his or her last wishes clear before passing away. Even if the deceased did not write down or pre-plan funeral and burial wishes, he or she may have expressed these wishes to you or another close relative or friend. Keep those wishes in mind as you are choosing cremation, making sure that it is in line with what the deceased would have wanted. If the deceased did not state a preference for cremation services or burial, discuss the matter with a few close loved ones so that you can feel confident about the decision to cremate.

When you are choosing whether to cremate or bury your loved one, you may want to look to religious beliefs to help determine your choice. Certain religions have beliefs around what is the proper way to deal with a body after death. While cremation may be allowed in some traditions, burial may be the preference for others. Be sure to keep the religious beliefs of the deceased in mind, rather than making the choice based on your own faith traditions.

At Inglewood Park Cemetery, we understand that you and your family are going through a difficult time of loss. We offer comfort as well as professional service to help you with cemetery services, cremation, and more in the Los Angeles area. Contact us at (310) 412-6500 to experience the outstanding service that we have provided for over 100 years.

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